About Us

The Movement Arts Academy is between Jacksonville and downtown St. Augustine in the beautiful World Golf Village area.  After 6 wonderful years inside WGV Gymnastics, we are in the process of moving into our own, new studio late fall.  The facility will be equipped with a lobby, restroom, and our studio will be full-equipped with barres, professional dance floor, full-length mirrors, bluetooth music players, and house plenty of costumes, props, fitness equipment, and educational items to enrich the students in their learning.

Artistic Director | Owner

Jaclyn Grant was born into dance. Succeeding her mother (who earned a college degree in dance), brother, and sister, Jaclyn began dance lessons at the age of three. Throughout her 17 years in dance training, she learned the art of ballet, pointe, tap, jazz and later added to her repertoire, irish tap, modern, liturgical, and hip-hop. When she wasn’t enrolled in dance throughout the school year, she attended dance camps and work shops during the summer. She was a member of the Texarkana Community Ballet and auditioned every year, performing in the corps, as a demi-soloist, and as a soloist. She competed in various dance competitions in a group and individually, winning several awards. In both middle school and high school, she was chosen to be the school’s mascot, bringing it to fame with her high energy and impressive dance improvisation skills. In a national mascot competition, she took home a silver medal. A performer at heart, she performed at fairs, recitals, ballets, in her theatre group, at her church and on church trips, weddings, concerts, and numerous talent shows.

Jaclyn brought her love of dance to another level when she began to teach, first in hip-hop and expanded to several styles of dance from there. She has taught from individual private lessons to after-school groups of 20-30 kids at a time, and from ages 2 years old to adults. Whenever she has taught, she found it equally fulfilling as a choreographer, showcasing her musicality and ability to truly create art through movement.

Apart from dance, Jaclyn has always had three other loves: children, art, and God. She has found a way to express her love for these in activities such as teaching preschool and art, as well as working with the youth at her church and church conference as a Sunday School teacher and Creative Arts Director, where she also organizes a summer camp each year for the children. She has four children of her own whom she loves dearly and has dance parties with in the living room on a regular basis.

Whether it was performing, teaching, choreographing, coordinating, or directing, it was always Jaclyn’s desire to share her love of the movement arts with everyone she came into contact with and wishes to continue to share it now with you as a studio owner.