Weekly Schedule

Schedule is subject to change due to availability, insufficient regisration, or teacher/faculty assigned.

Creative Movement

$ 58
  • 45 minutes/class
  • Creative Movement for preschoolers
  • One weekly class


Accepting New Students
$ 68
  • 60 minutes/class
  • 15% multiple class discount
  • One weekly class

Private Lessons

$ 25
  • 60 minutes/session
  • Single session private lesson
  • Contact Ms. Jackie for scheduling

$35 annual registration fee is due at the time of registration

Tuition is invoiced and due, in full, at the beginning of every month.

Class Summaries

Our littlest dancers, around 15 months (walkers) to 2 years, get to join in on the fun too.  This class requires grown-up (parent, grandparent, aunt, nanny, etc.) participation.

Creative Movement includes creative expression, musicality, and movement exploration for little ones 2 and 3 years old. This class also lays the proper foundation for ballet, tap, and other dance styles, as well as developing a love for dance. Students will play various games and do activities that also teach body awareness, confidence, and social skills. Each preschool class will have only one dance in the recital.

This class is designed to further lay the foundation for dance education.  Geared towards 4 and 5 year olds (in VPK), we focus on introducing the beginning elements ballet, tap, and other dance styles with special attention to musicality, gross motor skills, and coordination.  These students will perform both a ballet and a tap number in the recital.

Ballet dancers will be given a solid foundation in ballet through lessons, activities, and plenty of dancing exercises. Ballet classes involve warming up (including barre time), floor exercises, lessons on technique and body awareness, as well as learning choreography.

Ballet I

This group will begin to learn ballet basics — body placement, ballet positions, basic vocabulary, some barre, and simple movements. Students will be given opportunities to express themselves in ballet through storytelling, various dance activities, and mini-lessons on the art.

Ballet II

Students in this group will work on increasing both their knowledge (terminology, positions, history) and their physical skill (choreography, positions, barre work, stretching, coordination, rhythm). The focus will include more technical teaching and body awareness, as well as self-discipline and character of the dancer.

Ballet III

Continuing to build a solid ballet foundation, students will be given more complex movements to learn and perform, focusing on technique, strengthening, balance, coordination, and memorization. The class emphasizes developing the whole child, from nutrition to lessons in perseverance, guiding them towards their greatest potential in and out of the dance world.

Ballet IV

Ballet becomes more intense and demanding at this age because their minds and bodies are more mature and as a result, able to successfully perform it. Students will continue to learn more complex combinations, building on skill and memorization. The student is equipped with the education, opportunity, and curriculum to take ballet further, should they so choose. To be able to take pointe, students must be pre-approved by the teacher based on age, skill, years of ballet training, and foot strength. Pointe requires proper alignment, foot definition, and maturity. Proceeding before you’re ready may result in injury that could last a lifetime.

Students enrolled in tap will be given an opportunity to develop rhythm, timing, and quick footwork while learning tap history, different styles of tap, terminology, various steps, and technique. Classes involve a warm up, music activities, improv exercises, learning choreography, and fun!

Jazz involves dancing to the accents of music, so there will focus on musicality and body awareness. Sharp movements, clean technique, high energy, and excelling in jumps and turns will be taught. Classes will include a warm up, styling exercises, learning choreography, and again, having fun!

Hip hop is dancing with your heart on your sleeve — full of emotion, expression, and energy. Dancers will be taught the history of hip hop, various techniques and styles, body expression, and choreography. Get ready for a great time!

A newer dance style that is quickly gaining popularity around the world, combining multiple dance styles and focusing on the body’s natural movements.  Students generally are older, more experienced dancers and come from a ballet and jazz background.  The themes, stories, and messages sewn into Contemporary tend to be more mature and require strong technique.  Classes will involve a warm-up session, floor and center exercises, improvisation, and learning choreography.

Occasionally Private Lessons are needful when a student needs to catch up due to starting late in the year, missing classes frequently, or just requires extra teaching time.  Private lessons can be scheduled as needed (a couple classes here or there) or scheduled in advance, a month at a time.  Regardless of the reason or the time scheduled, your child will benefit from receiving full attention of the teacher and get to focus specifically on needed areas.

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